Social media might not have a negative impact on mental well-being

A new study has examined the role of social media on depression. There is a wide spread belief that social media has a negative impact on mental well-being. Some studies indicate that young people can develop an addiction to social media. While other studies link this with poor sleep, poor self-esteem, and potentially poor mental health.

A new study dispelled the belief that social media use can bring about depression.

The lead study author Taylor Heffer, of Brock University in St. Catharine's, Canada said, that it is necessary to follow the same people over a long period of time in order to draw the conclusion that social media may lead to depressive symptoms.  

The study reveals that overuse of social media doesn’t lead to depression. It is likely that differences in factors such as personality, play an important role in how social media can impact mental well-being. In some cases, young people might choose to use social media negatively as a comparison tool. While some may use it to stay in touch with friends.

The further step that scientists need to take is to examine motivations such as these to help authorities, medical experts and parents in order to figure out the best path forward.