Adventist Health System embarks on rebranding focused at patient centric culture

With patient management and patient engagement gaining importance in healthcare companies like AdventHealth are looking at rebranding. Adventist Health System embarked on its rebranding journey and launched a new training program to bring about an internal change.

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Promoting a more patient-centered image is part of what inspired the rebrand, said CEO Terry Shaw. So, the company launched the Whole Experience Training program around four core concepts, “keep me safe,” “love me,” “make it simple” and “own the problem.” 

Shaw said that these four principles should be built in the daily work of the staff. The cultural training is making a huge difference in how everyone views each other. Pam Guler, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer said that more than 60,000 employees across Florida-based Adventist’s 45 hospitals have undergone the training so far.

It took eight long months of build up before launching the training to get the team to work under the same “cultural framework” according to Pam Guler. This training spans for fours hours and it brings staffers from across departments together to share their perspective on Adventist at present and where it could be heading in the future. 9 people chosen at random and a facilitator worked together.