Anthem partners with Samsung, American Well for a telehealth service

The nation’s second-largest health insurer, Anthem is partnering with Samsung Electronics America and telehealth provider American Well to give an access to virtual doctor visits and other non-emergency healthcare round the clock to its health plan members.

Anthem operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in 14 states. Consumers with Anthem affiliated health plan and an updated Samsung Health app can get an access to “LiveHealth Online” within Anthem.

Samsung began providing its Health Experts service last year by embedding American Well’s platform into Samsung Health application. Now that Anthem is a part of this association the service is open to 74 million members.

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Nana Murugesan, Vice President and General Manager, Services and New Business at Samsung Electronics America says that the company’s goal with Samsung Health’s ‘Experts’ service is to give the users access to leading healthcare providers and insurers quickly and cost-effectively.

When Experts was launched a year ago users mostly used the service for common illnesses like a cough and cold. But, now they are using the same service for advanced telehealth treatments such as flu, insomnia and high blood pressure as the company enters into relationships with leaders in the healthcare industry.