C-Suite should also engage to tackle Cybersecurity issues

Security issues are tackled with utmost priority by the IT tools that are available in the market in large numbers. But, only relying on these IT tools isn’t enough. The C-suite rarely engages in addressing security issues.


Allyson Vicars, Associate Director of Health IT Research for the Advisory Board says that it’s a misconception among the C-suite leaders that security is only an IT problem and it can be tackled with IT tools. But, the reality is quite different. Tech is a necessary security tool and it shouldn’t be given less priority or underfunded. But, some tools in the system of an organization can ascertain how the team can maximize these investments.

Governance, C-suite engagement, and third-party risk management are three major areas that can support security tools.

Education and process can help organizations decipher the threat environment according to Vicars. A start can be made through training and testing by including internal operations like audits, incident response, phishing campaigns and business continuity plans.

IT executives can make major investments to support the tools and communicate these opportunities to the boardroom, which includes explaining the threat environment in a manner that C-suite members can understand and extend support to IT.

C-suite can ensure that training and testing are continuously conducted, while they can even participate in those exercises.