Ford along with Beaumont launches non-emergency medical shuttle

Ford Motor Co. along with Beaumont Health network is launching a non-emergency medical shuttle service. It is called GoRide and is an on-demand transportation service, which began its pilot service in late 2017 with five Transit Wagon vans. Now the company plans to put to use around 60 vans by the end of 2018.

At present it has 15 Ford Transit vans, which help elderly patients with wheelchairs and those who have mobility challenges. Its also for patients who don’t have easy access to transportation. The GoRide service can be booked 30 days in advance and it is usually booked by medical staff.

According to Ford’s agreement with Beaumont, it will utilize Transit vans to transport patients to-and-fro for medical appointments. Morris Harris, Vice President at Ford’s mobility business group mentioned in his statement that many people have trouble travelling to clinics or hospitals for their medical appointments. And their company has effectively collaborated expertise in vehicles, technology and human centric design to create vehicles that are patient focused.

Their endeavor is to create vehicles specially for patients; tailormade to their needs. The company strongly believes that success of GoRide is due to the interior space and flexible seating options.

GoRide drivers have to go through an extensive training program and these drivers are of great help to patients as they travel to their medical appointments. They assist patients from doorstep at their residence, entering and exiting the vehicle, travelling for their appointment and back home. Drivers are trained to give beside-to-bedside service too.