Three useful insights on successful telehealth programs

Telehealth software facilitate communication between patients and doctors.

At the Becker's Hospital Review 7th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable, Alan Roga, MD, president at TeleDoc, moderated a panel on the innovations key members of the telehealth industry are experiencing while providing quality care to patients:

Here are three insights on what it takes to have a successful consumer telehealth program:

Jonathan Baker-McBride, telehealth manager at Orlando (Fla.) Health said that lot of systems go wrong, because of excessive focus on the technology. What really makes a successful telehealth program is looking at your strategy and looking for patient feedback.

In strategy, you should be looking at what problem you are trying to solve and that is where you have to spend 95% of the time. You should focus on patient feedback where patients share queries about virtual care.

Max Maile, vice president at Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Parkview Health System, said that if you are going to fail, its necessary to fail quickly. If you are going to start an app, get moving on it.

Judd Hollander, MD, senior vice president of healthcare delivery innovation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia said that its all about strategy and what technology fits best for that strategy.