Apple plans to work with VA to put veterans’ health records on their iPhones

Remote health monitoring system is one of the best ways to facilitate communication between patients and doctors. Companies are also working on telehealth software with the aim of providing better healthcare results.


Now, Apple and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are in talks to put veterans’ health records on their iPhones. Under this proposed partnership, Apple would create “special software tools”. These tools would enable the VA’s estimated 9 million patients to store their health records on their iPhones.

Apple is planning to provide engineering support to the VA. The aim is to attract new customers to Apple’s platform.

The work with the VA that Apple is engaging in at present would be independent of Apple’s existing efforts to put patient health records in their own hands. In January, Apple launched a project to bring select information from patient health records- such as allergies, immunizations and lab results to patients’ iPhone via the Health app.

Today, more than 100 hospitals and providers have adopted the initiative.