CMS responds to the breach in federal Affordable Care Act portal affecting 75,000 people

The files of an estimated 75,000 individuals were accessed in a breach of for Affordable Care Act enrollment, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


CMS has detected anomalous activity in the federally facilitated exchanges or direct enrollment pathway for agents and brokers, which was launched in 2013. Direct enrollment pathway allows agents and brokers to help consumers with applications needed for coverage.

CMS said that inspite of the fact that 75,000 represents a small part of consumer records, any breach of the system is unacceptable. CMS began the initial investigation of this anomalous system activity on October 13, and a breach was announced on October 16. The accounts of brokers and agents that were associated with the anomalous activity were deactivated. Infact, out of an abundance of caution the direct enrollment pathway for agents and brokers was disabled.

The issue is being addressed by CMS and it is implementing additional security measures. CMS is also restoring the direct enrollment pathway for agents and brokers within the next seven days.

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