As America faces drug addiction crisis, spiritual first responders hit the streets

USA faces a severe drug addiction crisis but, there are ways to combat it. Substance abuse engagement, substance use disorder engagement and opioid addiction engagement surely help patients to overcome the pangs of addiction.

But, surprisingly a new drive in substance abuse and drug addiction is on its way. Clergy members have become spiritual first responders in the opioid crisis, often leaving the pulpit to minister on the streets. They can be reverends, rabbis, priests or pastors. Though faiths differ, they invariably approach people with addiction as equals. There is no bible-thumping or blaming. Many of them are on the recovery path themselves.

Despite some signs of a slowdown, the nation still faces challenges due to the drug overdose epidemic. Opioids were involved in most of the deaths, killing nearly 48,000 people last year.

People who have worked on the 12-step program are well aware of a spiritual element to recovery, with their references to an undefined higher power. Scientific studies have proved that religious faith can help towards the recovery of substance abusers.

Though the nation faces serious drug and substance abuse issues spirituality and religious faith can provide a solution.