Your revenue is now at risk for managing patient care quality and costs in value care models. 

You desire an effective way to broadly see patient episodes and episode costs in real-time, and a modern tool to enable your medical providers to be an effective team across the care continuum.  You want to be able to analyze your costs and outcomes.

Organizations that become effective at value based care will profit and lead.



You must provide more care with higher quality and lower costs, as well as effectively engage in care episodes. 

You desire effective tools and ways to broadly manage more patient episodes with less effort, engage patients, measure patient and episode outcomes, and monitor patient's across the continuum with other providers.

Providers that can perform more and better care for less and can prove it, will be successful and rewarded.



You demand better care coordination across providers, and a convenient and lower cost way to be engaged.

You desire and deserve a way to engage with your healthcare providers that is convenient and efficient for your life.  It should not be up to you to manage the multiple providers along the path to your wellness.

Patients will give loyalty and recommendations to others to providers that adapt and engage.